East Germany

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'German reunification - a short history' Documentary

March 14, 2019
Another great documentary from DW. This documentary is about the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Germany's reunification back in 1989. Interesting details revealing behind the scenes on how West Germany handled the reunification behind the backs of the Allied Forces The fall of the Berlin Wall changed the...

Documentary "Inside Mao's China"

December 04, 2018
A very interesting film by Martin Gronemeyer, telling a story about foreign expats in China during the cultural revolution. The film tells a unique personal story combined with rare historical footage give a new perspective on Mao’s utopia.  At the height of Maoism, China was as closed off as present-...

The Lost World of Communism - East Germany

October 30, 2013
The documentary brought by BBC shows the life of East Germany. About deportations of ethnic Germans to Siberia in late 1940-ties/ early 1950-ties. How East Germany watchdog Stasi controlled the lives of ordinary citizens.  The documentary features episodes of East Germany's cartoon Sandsman. A lot of...