Eastern Partnership

3rd Eastern Partnership Business Forum in Riga, Latvia

22 May, 2015 seen 1,251
On May 21, 2015 3rd Eastern Partnership Business Forum happened in Riga, Latvia. This Business forum was a part of the greater Eastern Partnership summit. I visited this forum as a representative of Georgia based foreign company Caucasus…

Projected Future Forecast For GDP In Former Soviet Union Block Countries (2014-2019)

18 March, 2015 seen 2,615
In past I have created many GDP reviews regarding former Soviet Union republics, but have never made future GDP forecast report yet. In this article that's exactly what I'm doing. Now, Soviet Union doesn't exist for more than 25 years…

The Eastern Partnership Summit and Ukraine's Decision to Not Sign the Association Agreement with the EU (2013)

29 November, 2013 seen 753
As I previously wrote, Ukraine has made the controversial decision to not sign the association agreement with the European Union (EU) at the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. The issue of signing the agreement had been a topic of much…