What Is Minimum Wage In European Union 2015


A year ago I created a blog post about minimum wages in European Union in 2014, that post generated a lot of views (more than 20,000 page views) and some buzz (got shared on Facebook, Reddit, and many other websites) Update: Minimum Wages in European Union 2018 I decided to look back and compare how does minimum wage has changed in European Union member countries a year later (2015) Minimum wage in European Union 2015 In short - minimum wage has been increased almost in every country,…

Lithuania joins Eurozone


<p>January 1st, 2015 is a historic day for a Baltic nation - Lithuania is changing it currency to Euro, following Latvia (2014) and Estonia (2011).</p><p>Starting today - there are 19 countries in Euro zone.&nbsp;</p><p>Here is the article I found on <a href="">BBC by&nbsp;Zivile Kropaite</a></p><p><span>Some Lithuanians fear price rises, but opinion polls point to growing…

Latvia Joins the Euro Zone (2014): A New Era Begins


Latvia is set to become the latest member of the Eurozone when it joins on January 1st, 2014. This will make the 17-nation currency bloc one country bigger, following the lead of two other former Soviet states, Estonia and Slovakia. The small eastern European country, with a population of just 2 million, became a member of the European Union free market in 2004, and finally got the green light to join the single currency zone in June of 2013. From Wednesday, Latvians will be able to exchange…