Dumping AMP,EXP (GNO) from Poloniex.com

4 October, 2018 seen 226
Yesterday I got an email from Poloniex.com informing that they are delisting following coins: AMP, EXP, and GNO AMP was among one of the first coins I kept for the long term. EXP was a coin I mined together with ETH and ETC.  In fact, I…

Back testing BTC/EXP RSI on Gekko Trading Bot

22 February, 2018 seen 2,394
For the past couple of days, I've been testing Gekko BTC trading bot, executing a few trades running the bot on my laptop, ending to build a VPS to run Gekko trading bot on a cloud. As you can see for right now - I'm fully determined to…

How To Mine EXP (Expanse) with SMOS

15 February, 2018 seen 566
A couple of days ago I shared a quick tutorial on how to mine ETC (Ethereum Classic) with SMOS (Simple Mining OS), as there is an upcoming ETC Callisto airdrop happening, the idea to pre-mine couple of ETC's sounded tempting to me.  Now,…