Facebook login

Simple FB connect Drupal 8 Mapping custom fields from Facebook


Simple FB Connect Drupal module  allows users to register and login to your Drupal site with their Facebook account. Indeed, as the modules name suggests, its one of the easiest ways how to connect Facebook to Drupal. And as I had already worked…

Drupal Simple FB connect + User Form Theming


Lately I have been busy with a project involving a lot of custom coding and programming (mainly because of existing complex web-design) So at the finish line - there are still few things we must to finish - And one of them involves Facebook Login…

Facebook Login Button For a Drupal website


<p>So - another request come from a client - to add a Facebook login button for a Drupal website.</p><p>As for a start it might sound like easy to handle a task - I spent about a week to figure out the best possible solution for…