Floating blocks

Floating Block for Drupal 8


The Floating block is a nice helper module which allows you to keep HTML blocks, selected using jquery selectors in a fixed position on the page as you scroll. I've been using Floating block mostly for my personal blog to feature related content (you can see floating module while browsing this web page from a desktop computer.) In fact, I stop using floating block module  a couple of years ago, but recently I was contacted by another Drupal webmaster, regarding my tutorial on Floating Block…

How To Make Floating Blocks in Drupal Using Module


In this article you will learn how to make blocks on your Drupal site to float using a simple, and yet powerful module - Floating block. Here are some other cool tutorials you might find interesting: How To Display Social Share Buttons On Drupal Taxonomy Pages Floating social share buttons (without using modules) How to align Facebook like, Google + and Twitter buttons? (CSS tricks) Facebook like button for Drupal site  Drupal Floating Block From module creators: The Floating block module…