Planting Onion Springs and Radishes

25 April, 2018 seen 68
For the past three years, it has been already a tradition planing some veggies in the garden. For this year's early garden works - planting onion springs and radishes. Planting spring onions Planting radishes

DIY Open Wooden Compost Bin

26 November, 2017 seen 50
A compost bin is a must-have garden construction at our rural property - fallen leaves and trimmed grass mostly goes here. It was on an early May 1st, 2017 evening I decided to build an open wooden compost bin from materials we left over…

Home Remodeling - Season 3 (2017)

13 September, 2017 seen 296
We had some great plans for this Summer's home remodeling works, unfortunately, we faced some obstacles, and decided to stop any further home remodeling works for this year. Despite being pretty upset about our situation, we still enjoyed…

Planting Strawberry Plants In Fall

21 March, 2017 seen 78
It was at the end of September (2016), when we planted 80 strawberry plants in a field which was prepared few days ago with a tiller. See: Ground Milling With A Tiller Earlier this Summer we planted about 15 strawberry plants in wooden…

Ground Milling With A Tiller

17 March, 2017 seen 72
During the Summer of 2016 we met some new faces, and so back in July we met with a neighbor (Ok, he is actually living some 10 km from our rural house) with a tractor with tiller - I started to ask about the device, would it be possible to…

Rock Garden Extended

3 March, 2017 seen 62
It was at the start of the September (2016) - we were finishing wall replacement works and already had installed first bearing beams, there were still some things left on home remodeling works, but all the major tasks were done, and…

The Big Spring Territory Cleanup

3 May, 2016 seen 78
Few days ago I announced start for Season 2 of our home remodeling adventures. We have some really big plans to achieve this year - like getting a water supply and constructing from scratch few walls. Also a bathroom is planned to be…