Georgian Art

Works of Georgian Painter Nino Jikia


Nino is a friend, we have been in friends with Nino for about a year. We actually met her as a cat sitter during our 10 days trip to New York City at the end of 2016 She has cat- sitted several more times since then. In case you are looking for cat minder here in Tbilisi - without hesitation - Nino is one of the best - our boys just adore her. I know that Nino is busy with a cat sitting for many other expats in Tbilisi, and in fact, she has about 15 cats at home - she just can't let little…

Ali and Nino- The Statue of Love in Batumi


Batumi will never end to surprise you, and so does the Miracle park close to Batumi Bay. Exactly here is located a really cool statue of Love, meet Ali and Nino. I spent a lovely morning at Batumi Miracle park and photographed here a lot, when was turn to photograph Ali and Nino, I had already switched my kit lens to more powerful telephoto lens - got a really cool close ups at the end. Ali and Nino Statue of Love Created by Georgian artist Tamar Kvesitadze (Georgian: თამარ კვესიტაძე), the…

Art Studio 'Kon-Tiki' In Tbilisi


The other day taking a walking tour around Tbilisi and by in-liking a new camera, after visiting Ancshikhati church (and taking marvellous photos there) my next photo stop arrived unexpected - meet Art Studio - Kon Tiki. A lovely and narrow street in Old Tbilisi (Ioane Shavteli street) On this street in distance of some 100-150 meters from Anchiskhati church is located art studio Kon-Tiki Welcome sign at Art Studio Kon - Tiki Here is the fun fact - We would probably have missed this…