Georgian Art

Works of Georgian Painter Nino Jikia

23 December, 2017 seen 208
Nino is a friend, we have been in friends with Nino for about a year. We actually met her as a cat sitter during our 10 days trip to New York City at the end of 2016 She has cat- sitted several more times since then. In case you are…

Ali and Nino- The Statue of Love in Batumi

19 April, 2016 seen 1,207
Batumi will never end to surprise you, and so does the Miracle park close to Batumi Bay. Exactly here is located a really cool statue of Love, meet Ali and Nino. I spent a lovely morning at Batumi Miracle park and photographed here a lot,…

Art Studio 'Kon-Tiki' In Tbilisi

7 April, 2015 seen 1,752
The other day taking a walking tour around Tbilisi and by in-liking a new camera, after visiting Ancshikhati church (and taking marvellous photos there) my next photo stop arrived unexpected - meet Art Studio - Kon Tiki. A lovely and…