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Building Drupal 8 Website From Scratch - Part 1 (Domain name, Hosting)

June 03, 2018
It has been a while since Drupal 8 has been around. It took me some time before I actually started to develop Drupal 8 websites, sticking with more convenient Drupal 7 (Which I believe still is one of the best versions of Drupal out there.  If you are familiar with Wordpress CMS, Drupal 8 will feel you...

How I Bought a Custom Domain Name to Reset Twitter Password

August 30, 2017
Geek things here. Long story short - back when I registered for a Twitter account back in October 2013, I used a custom business e-mail address, served by Google Apps. This Twitter account does one thing - automates all of the blog posts and publishes from RSS feed. For a long time this syndication was done using...

How To Apply For GoDaddy Affiliate And Start Earning Money

September 05, 2015
Ok, lately I have been into diversifying my affiliate income streams and today when I got a reminder e-mail message from GoDaddy to review and renew my domain names purchased there I decided to take a look - is there actually some affiliate program for one of the worlds largest domain name sellers? Turns out there is...