HDR Clouds Over Tbilisi

30 May, 2019 seen 375
We are the lucky ones living in an apartment in Tbilisi with some of the most spectacular city views one could think about. Tbilisi TV tower, mount Mtatsminda, Biltmore hotel building (listed as one of the top 10 luxury hotels in Tbilisi…

Waiting For The Spring (Sunset HDR)

30 March, 2018 seen 59
A tranquil evening, remote road and beautiful sunset. I was prepared, backpack with the gear was in the backseat, and here you go - tranquil mood, lots of clouds and my beloved HDR photography technique. In a couple of weeks (days) it will…

Wanderings In The Tbilisi Old Town (HDR Efex Pro)

4 December, 2015 seen 612
It was day 62 from my 365 photo challenge project and I felt I'm out of good photography locations. For couple of the last days I have been doing nice landscape photography in close to me locations, and it seemed that I'm out of options. I…