How to Capture and Post-Process Professional HDR Photos Using HDR Efex PRO


In today's digital photography school tutorial I will show how you can take and make professional looking images using technology which is called HDR photography. In fact before teaching you how to take and process a HDR images please take a note - I have been doing HDR photography less for one month. My findings so far are - like HDR is the best thing (I know as time will go I will probably change my mind and will go back to the routes, who knows maybe I will find a B&W the next BIG thing…

Wanderings In The Tbilisi Old Town (HDR Efex Pro)


It was day 62 from my 365 photo challenge project and I felt I'm out of good photography locations. For couple of the last days I have been doing nice landscape photography in close to me locations, and it seemed that I'm out of options. I asked a friend (photographer) and asked could he give me some advice. He advised me to make a list with items to photograph, like birds, macro's e.t.c. Still I felt I need to continue improving my landscape photography. Then another person asked have I tried…