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High Speed Rail will Boost Kenya's economy

January 27, 2015
I have never been to Africa, but have been watching economical events there more or less for last 5 years. Today I red an article about high speed rail networks infrastructure in Kenya, could boost it's economy by 1.5% .I will re-publish article from kbc.co.ke (you can read original here)The modern high speed rail...

Proposed New High Speed Rail Line - Moscow - Beijing could cost ~$ 230 bln

January 15, 2015
While Azerbaijan-i's are building it's super expensive project Khazar Islands with estimate costs of ~ $100 bln, Russians together with Chinese are looking to build a high speed rail connecting Moscow to Beijing in 33 hours with estimate cost of around $230 bln.Russia China high speed train (Image source: ...

First High Speed Railway Launched in Poland

December 17, 2014
On this lovely 17th December afternoon I decided to add a new blog category to my blog - Railway.Railway is a transport system I have been interested ever since I can remember my self. Railways (as I like to think) is a back-bone of country's economy. Railway system is a mirror which reflects economical growth...