HP Compaq 6510b

New hinges added to my HP Compaq 6510b

March 18, 2014
Today, finally my new used hinges arrived, and I had an opportunity to change the broken ones with new ones. Hinges traveled to me from China to US and the to Georgia, pretty impressive route, right? Anyway I'm happy with my new hinges, and hope that my beloved laptop HP Compaq 6510b will please me for ...

It's shopping time - Amazon.com

February 26, 2014
Here in Georgia it's hard to buy good and cheap electronics, almost impossible is to repair something. If your laptop is broken, answer always is one - Laptop Center, (Or how Georgians prefer - Leptopi Centri), located on Uznadze street, Tbilisi. I wouldn't call them bad, they have really helped me out in past 3 years...