Forest House / Golden Fall / Ķemeri / DJI Mavic Mini

29 January, 2021 | 16 views

Another short from DJI Mavic Mini drone, with little post-processing done in Adobe Premiere Pro, applied some cinematic filters Filmed on October 24. Music by David Hilowitz - Equilibrium I Cello version

Ķemeri Forest House

27 October, 2020 | 38 views

Ķemeri Forest house is really cool outdoors tourism attraction located close to Jūrmala The park centre is located in Ķemeri, in the “Forest House” . We first discovered this place back in Spring 2018 and made some nice hiking in the area…

The Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk

8 July, 2018 | 406 views

The Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk is a popular tourist destination in Kemeri National Park, offering visitors a chance to explore the bog and its inhabitants. As we have been relocated to Latvia's Jūrmala for some time, we decided to explore…

Hiking Trails in Kemeri National Park (Near Forest House)

18 March, 2018 | 420 views

Kemeri National Park in Latvia is special for its great biological diversity, the unique Kemeri Bog, mineral waters and therapeutic mud found here. It was on a lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to visit Kemeri National Park, as we had no…