Lithuanian cuisine

Kavine Kolibris in Nida


Kavine or cafe Kolibris is located in Lithuanian seaside town of Nida. We paid here a short visit to have a meal. I was not hungry at all this time, so all I tried was just a cup of coffee and milkshake. Girls thus tried some local Lithuanian specialties.  Kavine Kolibris in Nida, Lithuania Soup Some fish soup. I didn't tried, but was told that pretty good one. Ice cream The Bottom Line Kavine Kolibris is a very decent place. Try, you won't regret it.

Chili Pizza in Palanga


Chili Pizza is a popular Lithuanian pizzeria chain. Today we paid a visit to one located in Lithuanian beach town of Palanga.  Chili Pizza in Palanga, Lithuania Located in multi storey building on lively walking street in Palanga, very close to the Sea Bridge, this place serves traditional Lithuanian cuisine, which is pretty European, thus there are few Lithuanian specialties you should try once in Lithuania. For example big stuffed dumpling called cepelinai or  didžkukuliai, no, it's not…