Loft cleaning

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Unloading Few Tonnes of Sand from Loft

March 16, 2016
For a minute it seemed that all major removal, junk unloading and demolishing works are over, but then I realized we still have that soil coving floor in loft. And I'm speaking of some 25 cm thick layer of soil, for some reason covered there. Few weeks ago I was still naive I hoped to remove that soil/sand from the...

Replacing Roof - Part 3: Removing the old roofing (Losing Chimney)

February 15, 2016
Now, when you are familiar with part 1 and part 2, it's time to tell the third part on home remodeling series replacing roofing.  Today's roof replacing adventures were about the most dangerous so far (with happy ending). It all started in quiet August morning, when I get up earlier, to remove old roofing, so...

Loft cleaning - Preparation works for replacing that leaky roof

February 06, 2016
It was already last weeks of July, and we had bought already our return tickets back to Tbilisi, Georgia, and there was still one urgent task to complete if we wanted our rural house to survive upcoming rain and winter season - we had to replace roofing. Oh, boy - back then I had no idea how frustrating, yet fun...