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Estonia To Catch Up Income Level like in Scandinavia in next 9-14 years


<p>Last year I red an excellent article pointing out that <a title="Estonia Income level" href="…; target="_blank">income level in Estonia could reach level its in Scandinavia in next 10-15 years</a>. Although this article made me smile, I decided to compare - <strong>is it real for Estonia to reach level like that</strong>?&nbsp;</p><p>Since its almost a…

Estonia to catch up Scandinavia in next 10-15 years


I have red some interesting article on Estonian Public Broadcasting ( in which  professor of economics, at Tartu University, Raul Eamets predicts that it will take 10-15 years for Estonian incomes to catch up with those of Nordic countries.  Income level is not the same as GDP, but knowing GDP we can tell something about income level, isn't that right?  I decided to make some quick GDP comparison levels of Nordic countries and Estonia.I don't know which countries Estonian economics…

Comparing the Economy of Nordic Countries: 2012 GDP and Per Capita Results


The Nordic region, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, is known for its high standard of living and robust economies. In 2012, these countries combined had a total GDP of 1.603 trillion USD, which is a significant number compared to other regions such as the Baltic states or the Caucasus. When looking at the GDP of each country, Sweden had the highest with 525.7 billion USD, followed by Norway with 499.7 billion USD, Denmark with 314.2 billion USD, Finland with 250…