Olympic Entertainment Group

Thoughts about Upcoming Dividend Income From Baltic Stocks in May 2018 (Zemaitijos Pienas, Olympic Entertainment Group, Klaipedos Nafta)

14 April, 2018 | 159 views

It feels like I'm losing ground under my feet when looking on the future dividend income for the month of May 2018. At the start, Olympic Entertainment group announced it's intentions to leave Nasdaq Baltics (here I hopped for lucrative…

Olympic Entertainment Group Contemplated Exit From Nasdaq Baltics (Cash Offer To BuyBack Shares)

22 March, 2018 | 224 views

Olympic Entertainment Group has been one of the first Baltic equity I have added to my Baltic stock portfolio, back in the April 2017. And in fact, I planned to acquire more stocks of Olympic Entertainment group this March or April. See: …