Options income

Stock Options Trading Income August 2022 +$229.62


I hope you had a good August. I spent last month traveling quite a lot around Latvia and at the end of the month, we returned back to Tbilisi, Georgia.  At the start of August was my birthday and we decided to visit the region of Latgale in Latvia. Spent a good time wandering around the beautiful land of blue lakes. Regarding the stock market, it was quite a ride, it started quite good, but ended the month being underwater (again). Last month I performed a total of 19 trades, trading credit…

Stock Options Trading Income July 2022 +$145.30


Welcome to the new renewed monthly stock options income reports. I stopped publishing monthly reports more than two years ago, just shortly after being hit hard by Covid 19 market crash  In the past 12-24 months my stock options portfolio has been walloped, decreasing from its heights at about  EUR 20,000 to under EUR 2,000, primarily because of bad trades, overtrading and overleveraging. EUR 20,000 actually gives some EUR 133,000 Buying power. When my stock portfolio was about EUR 1,400…