OwnCloud - Increase Max File Upload Size


It has been more than 2 years, since I installed (set and forgot) OwnCloud for internal file sharing.  For the past two years OwnCloud have worked like a charm (and still does). Just today I faced a problem - I tried to upload file larger than 513 MB (default max file for OwnCloud), but struck because of exceeding max file upload size. I really needed to deliver this file across few continents as quick as possible. Well I could probably use direct file upload on bare ftp, but this is not the…

How to Install ownCloud on Linode - Ubuntu 14.04


OwnCloud is a self-hosted, open-source file sharing and cloud storage platform that allows individuals and organizations to store, access, and share files securely from any device. With OwnCloud, users can create and collaborate on documents, calendars, and other digital assets, while keeping full control over their data and privacy. OwnCloud offers a range of features such as file synchronization, version control, encryption, and integration with third-party apps, making it a popular choice…