Panorama photography

Panoramic Photography From Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral


Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, commonly known as Sameba (Trinity in Georgian) probably is among the most known Tbilisi tourist attraction sites and of course, it's the main cathedral of Georgian Orthodox Church. For me it's always been interesting to look at Sameba from two points of view - it's third highest Orthodox cathedral in the world and it symbolizes Georgian national and spiritual revival. See more: Sameba - Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. Time after time, when inspiration…

How to take and create HDR Panoramic photos


In today's digital photography school tutorial series I'll show how to create HDR panoramic photos. Make sure you check my previous tutorials on HDR photography - How To Take and Post-Process Night HDR Images , How to Capture and Post-Process Professional HDR Photos Using HDR Efex PRO Now, regarding panorama photos, there is not always a need to create a 180 or 360 degree panoramas, sometimes you just want to fit in your frame a little bit more than a regular shot can do, then comes in…