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SEB-Active 3rd Pillar Pension Plan Review 2020

May 30, 2020
I opted for a 3rd pension pillar pension plan at SEB bank Latvia back on May 22, 2019. I've been saving additional funds for the old age for already one year. Time flies.  On the day, when I opted to save for old-age,  my dad turned 65. Kind of average age in Latvia for retirement. Unlike me, dad was...

Opted for 3rd Pension Pillar

May 23, 2019
On May 22, 2019, I opted for the 3rd pension pillar at SEB bank Latvia. The main reason to sign up to this voluntary pension pillar is the hefty 20% tax refund once a year for the sums invested* (strings attached though) For now, I have decided to start small and invest really small amounts of money to get...