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Inner Wall From AAC Blocks For Pump Room

March 13, 2017
Last home remodeling works are carried out for this end, in today's article - final inner wall from aac blocks, for auxiliary room, where right now just pump is stored in the corner, but it's planned to install a boiler and washing machine at this part of house soon. See: Connecting The Dots - Water Pipe And...

Connecting The Dots - Water Pipe And Pump Installation

March 09, 2017
This day marks a huge milestone - for the very first day, since house was originally built in 1896 - house will have a fully automatic water supply.  This day also marks the end of the planned major tasks for Summer 2016. Gosh, that was a mad ride - let me explain, in order to get water supply inside house, at...

Demolishing Inner Walls To Build AAC Block Walls

March 07, 2017
In today's home remodeling series a story how I continued to build a bathroom and how we demolished an inner wall to later rebuild it from scratch, again with aac blocks. Let's start with what we got: Wall to be demolished All major tasks for this Summer (2016) have been done, what's left - to rebuild two...

Constructing Foundation From Fibo Ceramsite Blocks For Pump Room

February 19, 2017
The long story short - we are continuing to build a pump room, a room to store inside pumps and other aggregates, earlier this Summer we drill a bore hole and we are looking to draw in water to the house. For that we need a pump room. Unfortunately the old log walls have been rotten and we started to replace...