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Trading Results Week 16/2020 (-$409.37)
Trading week 16/2020 lasted from April 13 until April 17, 2020. After five positive weeks, this week comes with a loss. In total six new trades...
Trading Results Week 14/2020 (+$114.20)
Trading week 14/2020 lasted from March 30 until April 3, 2020 For this week I didn't open any new trades, just managed and closed trades from the...
Latest Stock Sale: ATRS, VTA to Finance Options Trades on RDSA
On February 17, 2020, I sold all shares I had with ATRS (13) and VTA (18) to finance options trades on RDSA These were among the first...
Trading Results Week 12/2020 (+$98.00)
Trading week 12/2020 lasted from March 16 until March 120 2020 This was another disastrous week in the market, I faced at least one more margin...