Santa Claus

Waiting for Santa's Rally


For the past couple of weeks, I've been waiting for Santa's relief rally in the stock market, and especially hoping for it this week. Tonight we arrived from Tbilisi to Riga and I hoped for a nice and calm session in the stock market, but nope it didn't happen and again I'm pushed out, facing possible margin calls. Looking to find additional funds to deposit to avoid margin calls in my brokerage account. Lately, I've been troubled with too many open options trades. I'm holding short naked…

Engineering An Empire The Byzantines


A long time has passed since I have reviewed some documentary film. Today, I watched an interesting documentary made by History Channel - Engineering an Empire The Byzantines. I must admit that now I feel more educated about ancient history. In this documentary is covered the time period from the founding of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) 330 AD, till falling of Constantinople in 1453. Santa Claus originates from Ancient Byzantine Empire. In this documentary I learned an interesting…