Kazbegi Trip 2021


Kazbegi trip - or searching for hot pools at Truso Valley, wandering at Darial gorge near the Georgian - Russian border, reaching Gveleti waterfall, walk in the clouds at Gergeti.. and of course a lot of offroad driving. Thanks, Ralph Schmidt and Rosemarie Rivera for making this trip happen. July 24-25, 2021

Google Market Kazbegi


There has been a Google market in Georgian Stepatsminda / Kazbegi town at least since 2011.  No, you cannot get here cloud storage or keyword ideas for your next AdWords campaign, instead, there are tasty Georgian lemonades and other goodies you can find in almost every regular kiosk in Georgia. First discovered back in 2011, in April 2019, the Google Market was still there, though seemed closed at the time I visited it.  Google Market Kazbegi Enjoy!