And We are Back / DJI Mavic Mini drone


The wait is over - today I picked up my already second DJI Mavic mini drone here in Tbilisi. See how I crashed the first one at the Jvari: Jvari monastery from a drone flight / DJI Mavic Mini crash We headed straight to the Tianeti / Khatsiri Forest Park And we are back - short drone videography from drone 2.0 Khatsiri Forest Park near Tianeti Music by: Scott Holmes - We made it!    

Khatsiri Forest Park


Khatsiri Forest park is a nice recreational area next to the town of Tianeti in Georgia.  We discovered this place by accident after spending a day at Kuzh Park in Tianeti (sometimes we love to drive to the Tianeti town to walk in the Kuzh park with our baby girl). Way back home to Tbilisi we decided to make a stop here at Khatsiri Forest Park - let me say in one word - WOW. I was impressed. Picnic area at Khatsiri Forest park We are planning to come here often and make a picnic quite…

Lazy Day Trip to Tianeti in Winter (via Mtskheta)


It was on Friday morning, which was a public holiday in Georgia, as it turned out, there is a good reason not to visit the office today, we started to figure it out, maybe go and visit Batumi by train for a couple of days. On the other hand, we didn't want to spend 3 days absent from home and decided to limit our impromptu trip just as an easy day trip, and agreed to visit Tianeti. Tianeti has been on my travel list since the end of 2016, the region is not yet very popular among tourists, and…

Public Service Hall in Tianeti


Georgia is well know of its unique style and design for Public service halls across the country. The most famous probably is the Tbilisi Public service hall (Ups, I don't have a separate article about it yet, but yes, there is a good reason to make one soon). I was surprised when noticed a futuristic public service hall in Tianeti (small rural town located some 75km from nations capital Tbilisi), as the only cool sites I have found so far in Tianeti were Kuzh Park and a lovely roadside…

Kuzh Park in Tianeti


Kuzh park is located in the town of Tianeti, Georgia. We first discovered it at the end of October 2016, and ever since we have been returning here once in a while, especially now with our baby girl.  I didn't find much info about this park on the internet, thus at the end of October I visited it, made some photographs, and decided to extend my Georgia travel app, by adding this place on map. There is a lovely cafeteria - Vanessa located just before the entrance to this park. Children's…

Cafe Vanessa in Tianeti


I love roadside cafeterias, in most cases they are better or in same level as fancy restaurants. I wouldn't call Cafe Vanessa in Tianeti a roadside cafeteria, as I believe we can call it the only one in this small Georgian town. Located next to the Kuzh park in Tianetie, at Vanesa cafe you can have tasty and cheap baked goods (stuffed pies, khachapuri), have a really huge cup of Turkish coffee and plenty of Georgian lemonades. They serve ludi (beer) and of course khinkali also. Simple and…

Harvesting Mushrooms in Georgia


This Summer we harvested a lot of mushrooms in the deep woods of Latvia, the nation with a strong mushroom culture. This was a good year, look some Slipery Jack even grew in the backyard of our rural house. We made a lot of delicious mushroom sauces and even preserved some (marinated mushrooms). We returned to Georgia at the start of October, did some trip across the country in the very first five days. See: 5 Days In Georgia Itinerary List - Make Most Of Your Trip and then we agreed with a…