March 2023 Stock & Crypto Portfolio Update


At the end of March 2023, I was managing 3 small investment portfolios. The total value of all portfolios combined was USD 6,466.07 / EUR 5,948.35. One of my short-term goals is to grow portfolios to $10,000. To get there it is planned to deposit additional capital, plus selling options premium. Portfolio #1 It was a good month for portfolio #1…

Is TLRY stock a buy in 2022?


With this article, I'm launching a new section in the blog - stock picking. One of the first stocks I would like to talk about - is TLRY brands inc. In fact, I have already talked about this stock quite often in my newsletter and YouTube videos. To keep it simple I want to list my ideas in one place - any yes, guessed it right, my blog. This is…