Ukrainian cuisine

How To Prepare Traditional Borscht Soup at Home


Borscht is a sour soup common in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. In English, the word "borscht" is most often associated with the soup's variant of Ukrainian origin, made with red beetroots as one of the main ingredients, which give the dish its distinctive red color. The same name, however, is also used for a wide selection of sour-tasting soups without beetroots, such as sorrel-based green borscht, rye-based white borscht, and cabbage borscht. In today's Food Blogger series I will share my…

Tasty Ukrainian Cuisine on Khreshchatyk street in Kiev


Wow, my first (yet, only one) Kiev restaurant review and I can't remember name of this place. Shame on me. On the other hand it was not planned to make any Kiev restaurant reviews this time, as we were having just a layover flight in Kiev before departing to NYC. See: About Tbilisi - Kiev - New York Flight by Ukrainian Airlines Unfortunately our flight was delayed for 10 hours and instead of waiting at Borispol's airport transit area we opted to have some Kiev tour. At that included a trip to…

Kalina Ukrainian Restaurant in Tbilisi


Kalina is a Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in Tbilisi (located on 18 Shalva Dadiani street). Last time I was here (2016), you could try varenyiki, dumplings and other Ukrainian goodies.. The place has a pretty decent retro style interior, seems this interior style is trendy for Tbilisi. The same interior you can find at Gardenia, Barberstan... this retro interior style is trendy all over the world, chandelier lamp shades, jars on shelves and so on. Interior at Kalinka Overall the interior is…