My Savings Report January 2015 - GEL Loses It's Value Against USD For 14% Since September


A time ago, in September 2014, I started to save some money, I was so eager to save money, that I even started a new category on my blog - 'Savings Reports'. 4 months from my first, and yet latest, Savings report have passed, back then in September I deposited a small amount of sum of 300 GEL, which back then equaled to $169.68 or EUR 131.81. By today's exchange rates 300 GEL would equal to $145.27 or EUR 128.75, which basically means following, since the end of September Georgian national…

GEL to USD exchange rates Mid - April 2014


It has been awhile since I last time examined GEL/USD exchange rates. Last time I did that, I was pretty worried about hidden devaluation of Georgian national currency Lari. During the past 4 years, GEL has lost its value against USD by -27.51% What are historical exchange rates (January - April 12th, 2014) (Screenshot from National Bank of Georgia) In last 3 and a half month, period Gel continues to lose its value against USD. USD 1 US Dollar 2014-01-01 1.7366 USD…

USD Value Increases Against GEL in 2013: Is It Worth the Panic?


If you're keeping an eye on the exchange rates, you might have noticed that the US dollar has been steadily gaining strength and by December 2013, it reached its peak. The exchange rate for 1 Georgian Lari on December 23, 2013 was set to 1.7168 according to the National Bank of Georgia, and in Tbilisi's money exchange points, the value went even higher to 1.7300 (SELL) and 1.7200 (BUY). I've created a handy chart that shows the exchange rates for GEL from January 1, 2013 to December 23, 2013,…