Trading Crypto Currency using MA Crossover + RSI Strategy

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In this article, I will share details on how I configured Trality crypto trading bot for trading ADA and XLM coins with Moving Averages crossovers and RSI indicators

Originally I launched this algorithm trading bot in mid-May 2021, by setting it up to sell EUR-XLM pair based on RSI strategy, a bit later I added ADA coin to this setup, but then I noticed that the bot has used all buying power to purchase only ADA coins, which is not what I actually wanted and here I decided I need to fine-tune some settings, defining that only 50% can go in purchasing one coin.

Further, I fine-tuned this bot to trade with RSI+STOCH indicators, but after a steep drop in the market, when the bot did quite opposite it should (buy high, sell low) I decided to fine-tune further, and this time I looked on Moving averages crossover + RSI

Here are my settings for this algo trading bot:

Trading pair:



  • MA-crossover  
  • RSI (oversold:25)
  • Ma-crossover
  • RSI (overbought: 70)

here is a backtest for the last 30 days (25.04.2021-25.05/2021)

MA crossover  + RSI backtesting cryptocurrency

MA crossover  + RSI backtesting cryptocurrency

Backtest looks good, actually much more better than using the RSI method alone. from the above chart I like completely all entry and exit points. There are some missed parts in the chart, but with the 37.75% return I guess there is nothing much to complain

To make this experiment transparent I decided I will run this bot for the next 30 days with EUR 150 invested, and will not change any settings.

EUR 150 invested in crypto trading bot

EUR 150 invested in crypto trading bot

  • A good result will be: EUR 151
  • Very good result: EUR 200 and more 

In case bot will turn out a successfully money printing machine, I will evaluate the bot performance over the last 30 days, fine tune some settings if necessary, and will double up - and invest the same amount of money the total value of bots. In case the bot will lose money, I will evaluate the bot performance, look for loopholes and improvements.

Also I will compare how the bot trading stood against simple buy and hold

On May 25, 2021 we could buy 58.13 ADA coin and 204.69 XLM coin