Varenichnaya Katyusha Restaurant in Kiev

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Varenichnaya Katyusha (Вареничная Катюша) is another cool Kiev's restaurant, discovered by accident back in the Summer of 2017.Turns out Вареничная Катюша is a popular restaurant chain across the Kiev. But I didn't know that back when discovered it.

We found this place after a night boat ride along the Dnieper river and before returning to our hotel room we were just wandering around for someplace offering a meal after the midnight. Varenichnaya Katyusha was open. It's hard to recall an actual location for this particular restaurant. In fact, it was pretty far away from city center, as we took a taxi to get back to the hotel room.

Stylish interior, budget prices, and tasty vareniki - mhm, Tasty Ukraine. 

Stylish hipster style interiour

Stylish hipster style interior

Variety of vareniki

Variety of vareniki

We took them all

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