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| Portfolio | 2 seen was a Drupal-powered site a built for a friend. Vazha Travel offers one of the best rates for tours and transfers in Georgia. With Vazha Travel you can order airport transfer from Tbilisi airport to the Tbilisi city centre as low as 25 GEL (Most taxis at Tbilisi airport will ask you more), so do you can book a transfer to and from Kutaisi or Batumi airport.

The further developments of Vazhatravel website has been canceled, though the service is still available, feel free to contact Vazha by phone numbers listed in this article or visit VazhaTravel Facebook page, alternatively see: Organized tours in Georgia

This site is built with Drupal 7 under its hood, and its expected to use the multilingual feature on it soon. It's awaited to add Russian, Polish and other languages. Right now it's more just the "core" with more functions to come in future.

Vazha Travel front page.

One of the features I wanted to build into this site - booking function - availability for customers to book online tours and transfers. For such a behavior I'm using simple, but yet powerful combination of Drupal nodes and node reference fields.

Vazha Travel booking engine

In pages containing information about tours and transfers, I decided to use attractive head images and long and detailed descriptions. As well to keep visitors attention  - we are showcasing more cool tours in right sidebar (just under - "Book this tour" button)

Vazha Travel page layout

In future, it's expected to implement Open Graph protocol for better sharing options on Facebook and other social media sites. 

One thing I must admit - working on such projects - it's damned hard to work with customers - friends - who are thinking - a web page is a magic stick - and with help of it - it will generate a ton of customers. It's just not working like this. 

As we all know - the web page is a tool - depending on what kind of hands it will be delivered  - the success or failures depends. One of the options to use for such websites - to generate more income is to use Pay Per Click ads. The future will show will we decide to use PPC or we will stick with SEO from organic search.

In coming days I will finish my work of building a powerful Drupal website and will stay as a mentor guiding my friend-customer through the amazing process of acquiring customers online.  It will ask to add more descriptive texts, more detailed tours - and definitely nice looking pictures of amazing places in Georgia. 

About Vazha Travel

Vazha Travel will deliver you to the most remote corners of Georgia and for best rates in Tbilisi, that's for sure. 

Vazha Travel is a boutique travel agency offering best of Georgia for best rates

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL +995 599212224