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Batumi From a Drone Flight 2020

Beautiful Batumi from a bird's flight. DJI Mini Mavic 2.7K drone footage August 5th, 2020 Lovingly post-processed in Tbilisi just now Music by Scott Holmes, Driven to Success While shooting this footage almost crashed my little drone to the Alphabetic tower while doing circuit cinematic flight

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Summer in Latvia 2021

Summer in Latvia 2021 or this is how we spent an awesome one month in Latvia. From getting a vaccine at Akropolis shopping mall in Riga to wild beaches near Pape. From a wooden boat in Pāvilosta to yacht in Ķīšezers. Made a ton of hyper lapses, ate a ton of birthday cakes, and more. Enjoy the video!

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Kazbegi Trip 2021

Kazbegi trip - or searching for hot pools at Truso Valley, wandering at Darial gorge near the Georgian - Russian border, reaching Gveleti waterfall, walk in the clouds at Gergeti.. and of course a lot of offroad driving. Thanks, Ralph Schmidt and Rosemarie Rivera for making this trip happen. July 24-25, 2021

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Laidi manor / Valtaiķi church / Rudbārži manor

November has started with some cool 4K cinematic drone videography at Laidi manor / Valtaiķi church / Rudbārži manor. All places are great and highly recommended to visit, all places share some great history, starting Baltic - German nobleman Manteuffel at Laidi Manor, or some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in Latvia at Valtaiķu church, made in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century according to sketches by Vilhelms Purvītis.…

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Georgia - Russia Friendship monument near Gudauri

Georgia - the land of many wonders A drone flight around Georgia - Russia Friendship Monument near Gudauri DJI Mavic mini, August 16th, 2020 Music by Scott Holmes - Epic Cinematographic

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Orbeliani square Tbilisi

Autumn feeling or fun with a drone near Oberliani square / Alexander Garden in Tbilisi. (The former and famous Hotel 'London' is located in this area) Music by David Hilowitz - Equilibrium I Cello version

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Weekend - turned out quite a nice video, despite a bad luck filming. Got a no-fly warning from monks at Zedazeni monastery and heavy rain ruined my plans filming at Birtvisi canyon. From the good - discovered how to use action track on Mavic Air 2. All the rest - enjoy! Music by Scott Holmes: Storybook April 9-11, 2021

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Vilgāle Winter Edition

Made a quick stop at Vilgāle today to check how our apt renovation works are going and made this short drone footage. There is some recreational potential at Vilgāle. There is a guest house, a Montessori school, some shop (s), and a huge Vilgales lake (a couple of months ago I met some Aussies here). Quite often properties go from the hammer in this village. they just sold kindergarten for EUR 20K (we wanted to buy, but hell - what would we do…

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Javakheti Trip

One of the strangest weekend trips, - from the Russian Tsar favorite places in Abastumani to the footsteps of Khertvisi fortress which, rumor has it, Alexader the Great has visited. From the Georgian Cave towns in Vardzia to friendly Armenians in Ninotsminda and back to Russian Dukhobor settlements near the beautiful lakes of Saghamo, Paravani, and Tsalka reservoir, not to mention tasty Belgian chocolate from the Phoka Monastery. Strange, but…

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Vashlovani Trip

Epic Georgia! Epic Vashlovani! Another awesome weekend recorded. Crossing desert sand, meeting more than 30 turtles, reaching man-built Chachuna reservoir, stepping in volcano mud puddles. With an overnight stay in a camp base powered by solar power. Reaching Eagle canyon near Dedoplitskaro and having fun at abandoned Russian airfields in the middle of nowhere. Many thanks to Ralph Schmidt for making this trip happen. June 5-6, 2021  

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