Welcome to another post in series of Tbilisi restaurant reviews.

Today I will write about a Yamato Sushi bar located on Alexander Kazbegi avenue in Tbilisi.

As usual we bought a coupon on local Georgian groupon clone style site hotsale.ge.

Offer was for around 20 GEL ($10.00 / EUR 9.00) or probably even cheaper and included a sushi set and a miso soup.

As usual for taking photographs I'm using my Samsung phone and using Instagram (then taking them from Instagram and adding to posts - you can read a blog post on how I turned my Instagram account into a photo blog 

Yamato Sushi Bar in Tbilisi

Iamato Sushi bari (Georgian Transliteration)

Inside interior at Yamato Sushi Bar

Inside interior at Yamato Sushi Bar

Miso soup at Yamato Sushi Bar

I'm not very familiar with Japanese cuisine, just some random stereotypes I guess, so it's hard for me to tell - was it a real Japanese miso soup or local version of that. Well I believe the second version is the correct answer - in this variation of miso soup were added some mushrooms but cut in a very large pieces. Maybe that's how it must be - don't know. Just my inner feeling :) Overall a pretty good soup with some unknown mushrooms.

Sushi set

Avocado, cucumber and salmon I guess. Of course wasabi and ginger.

Tea in a kettle 

Waitress told that it's some Japanese tea - again, how no clue what's a Japanese tea.

Japanese tea at Yamato Sushi bar

But that's how it looked like. Tasted pretty good!

Menu at Yamato Sushi Bar

The Bottom line

Yamato sushi bar is a pretty OK place, you will definitely get some sushi here.

Prices are really democratic here, for all above seen food and tea we paid 29GEL ($13.00 / EUR 12) - and frankly speaking it's one of the rare times we paid so low. 

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Location & Map
27a Alexander Kazbegi Ave Georgia
Coordinates: 41.725682 44.753494