5 Day Tour In Georgia (Kutaisi & Svaneti)

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Arriving to Georgia, through Kutaisi by Wizzair? Try crafted an individual 5-day tour reaching the most beautiful landmarks in and around Kutaisi + extending the trip to the region of Svaneti by visiting Mestia and Ushguli

  • Package tour includes 4 nights accommodation at 3-star hotels (upgrade to 4 star or 5 star possible), driver, airport transfers door to door, English speaking guide
  • Does not include international airfare, travel insurance, entrance fees to museums
  • Cultural and historical rich Georgia discovery tour in and around Kutaisi and region of Svaneti
  • Visit the landmarks of Svaneti - Mestia, and Ushguli

Kutaisi is the second-largest city in Georgia. Arrival will not be less exciting than all the following excursions. It would be really tough to have this city without an airport that has become the vital artery of the flights made to Georgia.

In the last decade, much attention had been paid to the renovation of the city altogether with its cultural monuments. It is totally worth visiting this historic city, though it is not as big as the capital – Tbilisi.

Day 1: Arrival at Kutaisi airport, transfer to hotel, Kutaisi or Tsqaltubo. Departure to Martvili, Okatsi canyon, Kincha Waterfall, Chateu Chikhovani.

Time to go to Martvili Canyon! Those who ones went there claim that the atmosphere resembles the prehistoric days. It is hard to appease the heart-beat because you are waiting for a dinosaur to run out of the thick forest. This is a perfect spot for meditation. You can hear the bird trills and feel the process of merging with wilderness. Some evidence that proves the signs of the prehistoric life were found at the territory of the canyon and even the footsteps of the first human were recorded guess where? Yes, it is all about Martvili Canyon in Western Georgia.

Day 2: Promotheus cave, Sataplia cave, overnight in Kutaisi

Get ready for adventures in the Kumistavi Cave that is also known as the Prometheus Cave. The cave got the name of Prometheus after the Greek myth of Prometheus and the eagle that was gnawing Prometheus liver, supposedly somewhere in that cave. It is one of the biggest registered caves in Georgia and only one-tenth of the territory is open for the tourists. You may find underground rivers and lakes. Boat tour in the subterranean part of Georgia can make the journey more fascinating. Don’t get afraid if you see myriads of bats flying in the cave. They won’t harm you because they fly very high under the ceiling.

Walking tour (1600 meters) will take about one hour. You will walk past stalactites and stalagmites, illuminated with colorful led bulbs. The journey will be memorable for sure after absorbing the mysterious atmosphere of the cave. By the way, you will hear classical music everywhere in the cave and this accompaniment makes the journey even more pleasant.

After having finished with the Prometheus Cave time to move forward and visit the Sataplia Cave. In Georgian ‘Sataplia’ means the place where you can find honey. This tourist attraction could be one of the most peculiar places to visit in Georgia as long as you can find relict trees and even the footprints of the dinosaurs. Dinosaur-lovers will especially like the place.

There is no grass in the forests because the forest is too thick for the sun rays to reach the ground. Lots of household items of the prehistoric people can be found in the cave’s territory. One of the most visited places in Sataplia is the stalagmite in the shape of the heart. Couples often take pictures there. Another spot adored by people is the transparent observation deck that lets you contemplate the beauty of Kutaisi locality.

Day 3: Departure to Zugdidi, Svaneti, Mestia, Ushguli

Time to pack the luggage once more and head to the following destination, the heart of snowy mountains – Svaneti.

Kutaisi is situated in Western Georgia so other western and even northern spots are in close reach. The 5-hour-trip will save the adventures on the spiky mountains of Svaneti and make you rest a little bit during the traveling. As the trip may be exhausting after two days of roaming in the depths of Kutaisi locality, it is better not to rush to other tourist attractions before the departure and concentrate on the journey.

Day 4: Day in Mestia

The contrast is striking after leaving the city of Kutaisi and intruding the rural type of life in Mestia, Svaneti. You can see cows and dogs almost everywhere. Some locals are often surprised to see tourists taking pictures of the domestic cattle. During the summer season, you can take a horse tour and roam through the mountains of Svaneti, meet other tourists and just contemplate the beauty of Svanetian region. They say that only after discovering Svaneti you have really got the chance to know Georgia.

In order to embrace the whole beauty of that mountainous region, it is necessary to pay the Ethnography and History Museum. Artifacts will help you to imagine the life of Saneti (10th-13th centuries). One of the most unusual and exotic things to see for a foreigner are Svanetian towers, the characteristic beauty of Svaneti. You can even buy small figures of those towers in the souvenir shops. Still be aware that prices are doubled up there compared to Tbilisi prices.

Day 5: Transfer to Kutaisi airport

Time to go back to Kutaisi and leave the last glance at the high mountains and peculiar sights of Mestia. No worries! Georgia is not an easy song to forget so the best option would be to start thinking about the next trip to the stunning Saqartvelo!