August 2023 Dividend Income Report - $1.97

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Welcome to the sixty-second (#62) dividend income report, covering earnings our family has made from dividend-paying stocks in August 2023. 

Last month I turned 38, and we made a quick trip to London, United Kingdom to celebrate it. Besides fish and chips, we tried some of the most delicious ciders and spent quality time with family there.  Kiddo was especially excited about spending a day at London's Kidzania.

Besides our travels in August, we also finished most of the exterior works for our frame house in Latvia. Awesome!

Frame house in Latvia

Speaking about the dividend income, it was much slower compared to our travels and construction work. At the end of the month, we were able to collect some humble $1.67 in dividend payments. But...

... I'm restarting our dividend stock portfolio from scratch, and most of August was spent on buying some bits of dividend stock to give us some financial freedom in the future. 

Quick stats: 

  • Portfolio value: $7,286.99 (+$1,155.58)
  • Yearly dividend: $62.32  (+$23.31)
  • Dividend yield:   0.86% (+0.22%)

Quite amazing, we were able to grow our stock portfolio by  $1,155. The growth was coming from additional cash deposits, the stock market itselfexpired options trades, and a tiny part came from the dividend payments.

Also, the new stock additions to the portfolio gave an impressive $23 boost to the yearly dividend income.

Last month I added the following stock to our dividend portfolio:

  • 5 AGRO, 2 AMZN1 BAC, 2 BTI, 2 DB, 1 DIS, 3 F, 7 GPS, 1 MO, 2 MPW, 2 NIO, 1 NKE, 1 OHI, 1 SU, 2 TEVA, 1 VALE

All but, AMZN and NKE shares were bought from the put premiums on the stocks themselves. AMZN and NKE were bought from additional deposited funds.

Every month we deposit some EUR 300 for purchasing AMZN. NKE stock is bought from the options income from my crypto trades. 

Total investment in new stock purchases: $911.83

These latest dividend stock additions will boost our dividend portfolio by about:

  • $23.31 yearly 
  • $1.94/mo
  • $0.06/daily

As most of the stocks were bought using premiums received from selling put options I actually don't care much about the quality of dividends themselves, I look at these stocks as a free meal (as long as I can manage options contracts)

Dividend income

Last month we received dividends from 3 amazing stock companies:

  • T - $0.56
  • OHI - $0.67
  • BTI - $0.74

Total: USD 1.97

Slowly, but picking up

Options Income

From the closed options trades in August 2023, we booked a loss of  -$284.15. The loss is on paper and comes from rolled-forward trades. We hope to recover from the loss in the upcoming months.

If you are interested in learning more about our options trades - please feel free to subscribe at Covered Calls with Reinis Fischer.

Crypto Portfolio

I started working on my poor man' s crypto hedge fund and at the end of August 2023, grew it by quite impressive $34.09

Goals for August 2024

When looking at August 2024 dividend income, looking at the current growth rate I will say USD 25 is what I'm looking at.