Dzin Chao Chinese Restaurant in Tbilisi

Dzin Chao is among my latest discoveries from Tbilisi restaurants. I discovered it after paid a visit to Tbilisi zoo, its actually located just at the front of entrance into Zoo.

Now I know at least three Chinese restaurants in Tbilisi, see: Oriental Pearl and New Asia

Dzin Chao restaurant interior 

Spacious premises, I believe you can throw your next meeting with pals here with ease. As a pleasant surprise we got a gift - a large teapot with green tea for free.It's great, because it's rare to get green tea in Tbilisi, and if, then such pot will cost some 7-12 GEL. Here you get it for free.

Menu at Dzin Chao in Tbilisi

Pretty much the usual stuff you can get at Chinese restaurants. For some reason prices seemed a bit lower than it two other restaurants I mentioned above. Probably that is because of this restaurant is fairly new (as I was told opened just in October 2015)

Sweet egg and corn soup

Shredded beef in sweet and spicy sauce

The Bottom Line

Dzin Chao Chinese restaurant in Tbilisi rocks! We paid about GEL 50 for a meal for two persons. Atmosphere is great. Worth to return here again. 

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