Bakuzi cemetery (Latvian: Bākūžu kapsēta) is located in region of Courland (Latvia) in parish of Rudbarzi, Skrunda Municipality. The history of this cemetery dates back to at least to mid 18th century (I found old grave cross with dates of 176o-ties). I believe back in those dates some German nobles were buried here. In history of Courland and Latvia German nobles plays a major role.  The cemetery is really small - I doubt there are more than 100 burials on this cemetery.

Frankly speaking I was not expecting to ad a cemetery as a tourist object on my blog - but hey - what's wrong with that? As long as you are quiet and still in places like that - and you pay a proper honor to the deceased souls -  it's perfectly fine with me, and cemeteries are great place to do some photography. A bit sad photography, but it's still a photography, right?

So I took my DSLR camera and made a few shots at this cemetery:

Old alley at this cemetery

A lot of moss here

Bakuzi cemetery

Sign in Latvian: Bākūžu kapsēta

Chapel at this cemetery

Grave crosses at Bakuzi cemetery

Well I found this image quite interesting - those are at least 200 years old graves

Lightning taken tree and cross

Moss on the stump at Bakuzi cemetery

Location & Map
Coordinates: 56.691114 21.874630