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After a long time of thinking, on the late-night of November 8, 2020, I finally launched my latest brainchild -  - a website dedicated to investment opportunities in the region of Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

At this website, we are going to cover investments in stock, real estate, and alternative investments, like peer to peer lending. Also agricultural land and forestry. website

Those of you who follow my personal blog for a longer time - already now I'm a keen investor in the Baltic stock market and have some good background with peer to peer lending platforms. Despite I personally prefer larger markets, like the US stock market, I still feel very interested in Baltic investment opportunities. 

The final push to launch a separate website for covering investments in the Baltic, come after I bought a flat at online auction, see: Today I bought my first flat on online auction site

For the next year, it's planned to write bi-weekly in-depths articles, on topics like - top dividend stocks in Baltics, Investing with mutual funds, top peer to peer lending platforms, how to buy a flat in online auction e.t.c.

Website has been built on top of the latest Drupal 9 CMS platform and launched for public on November 8, 2020, by Reinis Fischer

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