On September 18, 2020, I won an online auction for a property in the countryside Latvia.

This was the second time me using E-izsoles platform, and the second time winning an online auction (for the truth I won the first time a plot of land, but that place turned out not good for a house building and I revoked it, back in Summer of 2019)

In total today, I agreed to pay EUR 3,760 for a 53,7 m2 flat in a 3-storer building in rural Latvia. The name of the village is Vilgāle, and it's located some 171 km from Rīga. There is a huge Vilgāle lake located nearby the property. Can't wait to fly a drone nearby

wow what an adrenaline, there was more competition than I thought,with 2 additional 5min overtimes but I won this auction and now we have a flat in Vīlgāle. average buy price EUR 71/per m2. at the start i was looking to get this for EUR 45/m2

Can't wait to visit the place, invest some additional 5k and trade stocks from the Vilgāle


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