Bar Rialto Candiana

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I have always loved local cafes and restaurants where tourists barely step their foot in, we were of from Venice and traveled to Modena, when I said, let's visit some of the local villages and see what's good there. 

Back at this stage I even didn't know that village we were to enter is called - Candiana, shortly we parked our car and noticed a local pub/bar/restaurant - so we entered this place, which I learnt latter is named - Bar Rialto Candiana and ordered a cup of cappuccino. It was January 1st, some local folks were inside, lady approached me - raised her hand, hugged me and told - bueno ano, which probably translates as Happy New Year. I replied - bueno ano!

We were just about 30 km of from Venice and people were totally different. That was strange and lovely. 

Some special offer from Bar Rialto in Candiana

Some special offer from Bar Rialto in Candiana

The only two words I understood here - pizza and cafe

Snacks at Bar Rialto

Snacks at Bar Rialto

Interior at Bar Rialo

Interior at Bar Rialto

The above scene reminds me pretty much of how it looks in a regular Georgian cafe. See Tbilisi restaurants

Italian coffee at Bar Rialto in Candiana, Italy

Italian coffee at Bar Rialto in Candiana, Italy

The Bottom Line

Bar Rialto in Candiana, Italy is very friendly and I would say very attractive place,next time I will be in this are I will return here gladfully. 


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