Blog Monthly Online Income Report - July 2015 - $528.75

Welcome to another, already the 19th online income report. In this post I will cover some info about earnings I have made in month of July solely with my blog ( I like to call this phenomena - a smart passive online income. 

In case you are wondering why should someone publish online his/her earnings - the answer is pretty simple - I like transparency and these reports help me to observe my progress or bounces. Hopefully my reports can give some inspiration to you as well.

Total Numbers

In July I earned in total $593.75 what is a slight decrease for -10.44% if compared to previous month (June) when I earned in total $662.96. 

Daily earnings: $19.79

About Blog Traffic

July was another record breaker month and in total my precious blog attracted 26,063 users. I'm really looking to break a 1,000 user milestone per day in this (August) month.

Income streams

In July in total I had 5 income streams that generated some income and two income streams (Linode and Bluehost) reported pending earnings.

I prefer to divide my income streams into a Display Ads and Affiliate programs:

Display Ads:

  • Google Adsense: $26.53
  • Amazon CPM: $6.32
  • Sovrn: $0.48

Affiliate programs:

  • Amazon associates: $504.14
  • $61.07


I spent $5.00 to promote a new hobbyist club in Georgia - Georgia Expat Photography Club and in fact got back a pretty good return of investments (ROI) - additional 20 likes for my Facebook fan page, about 90 likes and shares and additional traffic to my blog.

I'm proudly hosting my blog with Linode VPS and yes I'm spending more than $60.00 per month just to power my blog. Well actually I do some Drupal development on those Linodes as well.

July 2015 vs July 2014

A year ago my online income resulted in very modest $21.41, but back then I was very excited of such results. Now, a year latter I can proudly say - yeah, I earned about 28 times more. Awesome!

Plans for August

As usual I will end my report with goal and forecast sections. I'm looking to reach $800 milestone this month.