Blog Traffic Report - April 2015 - 17,865 Users

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Welcome to the already 19th my blog's traffic report. I'm doing both traffic and online income report at the start of each month, to learn, discover and compare how did it go for the last month.

Those reports keep me track my progress (or bounces) and hopefully can give a lesson to you as well.

What Have I done in the month of April

In short - nothing. After a negative experience last month (see my report about March) I decided not to use any promotion for my blog and indeed I didn't.

Well, that doesn't mean I didn't produce any article. In fact, I did 31 articles last month. You might find it's much and I can only agree on that. But hey it's already the 19 months in a row I'm not missing a single day of blogging.

Again, in April I decided to slow down a bit - prior to this April I produced even 2 and 3 articles per day, but then I found the quality of those articles just sucks. So I decided to slow down this month. 


This April comes with a -12.85% traffic dip if compared to the previous month (March) and totaled in 17,865 unique visitors. Although there is a dip, I'm not sad about that, because for the last month I used Facebook ads to drive traffic and this month didn't. In fact, I tested how my blog runs on a free run and I'm pretty satisfied with results.

Blog traffic report April 2015

Blog traffic report April 2015 (Data source: Google Analytics)

Where I was a year ago

This is another interesting trend I like to measure. My blog now is 19 months old and since I have been doing monthly traffic reports from the first blogging month, it's easy to compare where I was a year ago.

 Google Analytics)

Blog Traffic Report: April 2015 vs April 2014 (Data source: Google Analytics)

A year ago my blog was already 7 months old, back then I managed to attract modest 941 users, which back then seemed almost a decent traffic (I was looking for 1,000 back then),  now a year after, I have attracted 17,865 users what is almost 17 times more than year ago - pretty impressive growth, right!? 


Starting last summer, I have been measuring my success (or failures) to reach 100,000 unique visitors in a month.

Since there is nothing much I can analyze (just actual traffic results) - at end of the April 2015 - I stand at 17,86% level of eventual 100,000 unique visitors. I doubt I will reach 100 K any time soon, but I believe it might happen in next 2 or 3 years (Last summer I was concerned that it should take at least 5 years)


I have pretty good feelings regarding this May, Google has updated its algorithm giving a significant boost for mobile-ready websites, since my blog qualifies as mobile-ready I'm expecting some boost next month. Read: How Google 'Mobile-Friendly' Ranking Factor Will Affect SEO

It would be awesome to crack 20,000 user milestone this month, but as usual, I will stick with the more humble forecast saying 18, 000 users for May and I will be happy.