Bridge To Nowhere (Latvia)

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It was a late June evening and we most probably returned from Riga to our wolf's lair when suddenly we noticed very interesting object - The Bridge To Nowhere.

The bridge reminds of the intended construction of Tukums-Kuldīga railroad, which was started already during the first independence of the Republic of Latvia in 1930-ties. However, in the minds of the people, it is instilled as a German wartime commemorative site, because the German rule during the 1940-ties tried to continue and complete it, but they did not succeed. The bridge has remained intact in the middle of a meadow up until the modern day. Read more: Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to nowhere

Bridge to nowhere

P 121 asphalt rad connecting Tukums - Kuldīga

P 121 asphalt road connecting Tukums - Kuldīga

56.912681, 22.977194