Browser wars - Google Chome 55%, IE 3%

Remember the Mosaic, early days of Netscape browser? I actually don't, but have heard of them a lot.

For many years my default choice has been Google Chrome browser - I even sometimes was so lazy, that didn't the cross-browser testing for smaller web projects I'm working with - who needs cross-browser testing - everyone uses Chrome, right? Right!

Browser Wars / Screen Resolutions 2019

I will not dig deeper in the overall use of browsers - searching the internet - you may find various data, some claim Internet Explorer still rules, but the majority will tell you that Google Chrome dominates. Hard to tell for others, but today looking into Google Analytics for one of the web projects I maintain - I found a scene like this:

Pretty impressive, right? So let's take a closer look on January 4th. As you can see from the picture above - in total there were 714 visits, of them:

  • Chrome:393
  • Firefox:71
  • Opera:35
  • Internet Explorer:23
  • Other: 192

Let's convert this to percents. If 714 visits are 100%, then

  • Chrome: 55%
  • Firefox: 9.94%
  • Opera: 4.90%
  • Internet Explorer: 3.22%
  • Other: 26%

So who the hell is "Other"? 

The "Other" as you can see is Safari (in app), and Safari browser itself. Well, I'm not very smart in this (in app), but I guess it's Apple iPhone's users. Android Browsers, seems goes to Android devices owners. YaBrowser - I guess is Russian made Chrome analog - Yandex browsers. No idea about Maxton and Browser NG. Opera Mini - mobile devices browsers.

Have you lately noticed similar browser behavior for your web projects? Share your thoughts in comments