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Browser Wars / Screen Resolutions 2019

January 30, 2019
Recently I bought a Full HD laptop (HP Probook G5) and soon I started to adapt my blog for a 1920x1080 screen resolution. By now I even cannot think of how I was able to live with a 1366X768 screen resolution for more than 3 years, not to speak about 1200 pixels or 1024 pixels screen resolutions we were...

How to enable Do Not track Chrome

April 14, 2014
Do no Track gives you some level of anonymity while browsing internet. In this article I will explain why I'm enabling Do not track.The reason I'm enabling Do not Track is no because I'm afraid or scare someone is using my browsing history in his evil marketing or surveillance plans. The reason I'm enabling is because...

Browser wars - Google Chome 55%, IE 3%

January 06, 2014
Remember the Mosaic, early days of Netscape browser? I actually don't, but have heard of them a lot. For many years my default choice has been Google Chrome browser - I even sometimes was so lazy, that didn't the cross-browser testing for smaller web projects I'm working with - who needs cross-browser testing -...