Building a Dog house

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Recently we inherited not only a bad managed rural house, but also got a German shepherd dog Bob. I have posted a lot about our home remodeling works, and in one article you can see Bob.

Bob is very scared dog, he doesn't trust people, as his owner passed away, he haven't approached any people, even me. After a summer spent in our rural house, the best we could achieve - Bob laying in front of house and observing us. We feed Bob well and during our absence we have negotiated good people to help us out to take care of Bob, thus Bob doesn't approves any help, just a daily dose of dog food. 

The real owner of our house is Bob. To make at least some better life conditions for our stubborn Bob, I decided to build a dog house for him, here is how:

Base for a doughouse

Base for a doghouse

The pallet is ideal for base, by nailing additional planks I was able to shape the basic concept of doghouse



With help of chainsaw I was able to saw up the edges (Gosh, after a few months of rebuilding our house I'm not afraid of chainsaw anymore)

Roof for a doughouse

Roof for a doghouse

I used a cross wind sheet from our roof to better thermo isolate inside of this doghouse, so Bob wont freeze in cold winter nights

Roofing for doghouse

Roofing for doghouse

Yes, Bob got the same roof as our house did. See: The Roof Works are Done (Almost)

I hope we will be able to take care of Bob this Summer, get him to the Vet and make him trust in people again!