Recently my better part and I became a lucky home-owners, we went through a long and bureaucratic procedure to inherit a house in scenic place in a very remote country. The house is in a very bad condition and asks for a lot of investments - one of the primary things we are looking to do next - is to change a roof (it is leaky), to dig the well, draw in water and to connect to the electricity. Since it requires a lot of money and a lot of time I decided to start a new blog post series - Home Remodelling - to document progress.

I will start with what we got. The pictures shown bellow are taken at the start of April 2015 and illustrates what we got.

Front view of our house

A small fish pond near the house

Backyard of the house

..and a skew shed

Old School electricity plugins

Apple orchard

Broken fence

Moss covering the roof

Electrical cabinet

The good thing - we have an electricity here

Back view of the house


... one of the many


Previous owner of the house (R.I.P.) was a craftsman and the house is full of a lot of smaller and larger technical details


Old style tools and furniture

We are planing to renovate some of the furniture

Carpenter's table

Kitchen and a furnace

Stairs to the second floor

A small stove in the second floor's room

Chess details

The leaky roof

A toy

Pine coppice

A dump of an old TV's in the yard

Our house at the start of April 2015

As you can see - my next big project is Home Remodelling. I will keep you updated of the progress.