Building a foundation for a garden oven - Part 1

Updated: 11 August, 2021 seen 141

Idea to have a nice garden pizza oven were sit first already last year, together with the works we started shaping a form of our rural house, we recently inherited. Thus we had to wait for more than a year, before actually proceeding. 

The other day, while the pond guys were finishing digging pond, I dug some soil, to lay in the foundation for garden brick.

Laying foundation for garden oven

With the help of a shovel, I will dug off the ground surface

Shaping the form of foundation

We will go for a L for garden oven, attached with a sink and water (nice outdoor kitchen)

Laying in bricks

I'm using old clay bricks from the chimney we took down some time ago.

Base foundation formed using old clay bricks

Now it's time to fill the foundation base with a concrete, but later on that.